For anyone onboarding Chia it may be a barrier to understand how pools work and how to join one.

We explained in this post how to join a pool, however due to how it was designed you need at least one Mojo (0.000000000001 XCH) to create a Plot NFT and be able to join pools. If you just got started with Chia you may not have that Mojo or a friend to give you one.

Chia already offers a Faucet, which is a free service that sends a Mojo to any address.

That service is limited to one Mojo per address for its entire lifetime.

Even though its enough to create your Plot NFT it may not be enough if you want to have multiple Plot NFTs to split your farm for whatever reason.

For that reason and also as a conveniance for our users we decided to create a Faucet service of our own, within our Discord channel to give away Mojos.

Currently its limited to 1 Mojo per day (user or wallet address).

If there is a need we may revise these settings in the future.

To use the service simple use the #faucet channel on our Discord and type:


For example:


We hope this helps!

As always, please let us know of any issues that may arise or any feature you would like to see through our GitHub.